Sunday, June 7, 2009

Advertising Tip #01: Weight of a pebble in a BIG Marketing Campaign

Jump into the shoes of a consumer in a departmental store, choosing let’s say a toothpaste. Today, we are so lucky (or unlucky) to have endless brands of toothpaste, and a few types of different (as claimed) toothpastes under a particular brand. How do we choose?

Most of us choose this way – we begin to search for past experiences that invoke pleasure of using particular toothpaste, and the pain of not using it. The keywords here are the PAST EXPERIENCE. Yes, you are right. Those ads that they seen, heard, touched all associate emotions to the products.

Imagine, two toothpastes, Colgate and Darlie is weighed on a balance. They balanced each other. More or less, same features both create the same values to the consumer for the same amount of money. The choice a consumer will make is in the mass advertising Colgate and Darlie have every day. Repetitive advertisements will anchor positive emotions to a product, giving great feelings if they use the product. This advertisement is that pebble that tilts the balance!

It’s a numbers game! Why? Do you take out a notepad and analyze an ad when you see one – to pen down any benefits you can get from using a particular product? Do you as a typical 95% of consumers do that? NO! You don’t! (Unless you work in advertising firms – because that’s your JOB). Jokes aside, you need to teach/educate consumers to think your product is better, offering better and greater benefits! This is how you increase sales instantaneously!

by Charles
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